Alex Delaware 38: Unnatural History (Paperback) Jonathan Kellerman

A gripping new crime novel featuring Alex Delware from the bestselling master of suspense. Read more below.

Jonathan Kellerman


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When Lieutenant Milo Sturgis and Psychologist Alex Delaware are called to the scene of a converted LA industrial building with a man brutally murdered inside, it sets off their most complex case yet.
The victim had recently received rave media attention for his latest photography project: images of homeless people living their ‘dreams’. However, some saw this elaborately costumed project as nothing more than exploitation.
Did anger turn to murder? Or do the roots of violence reach down to the victim’s family – a clan, sired by an elusive billionaire?
As new murders arise, Alex and Milo look into the unsettling case, culminating in one of the deadliest threats they’ve ever faced.