Codename Faust (Paperback) Gustaf Skoerdeman

A spy never forgets. A spy never forgives. The international bestseller. Read more below.

Gustaf Skoerdeman


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Who have you spoken to about me? What do you know about Operation Wahasha? What have you told Detective Sara Nowak? These are the last words priest Jurgen Stiller hears before he is executed by a former terrorist known only by the codename ‘Faust’. Then the killer begins the hunt for Detective Sara Nowak. Nowak is dangerously unaware that she is a target – until she is shot at in her own home. As Nowak races to unmask her would-be assassin, the trail leads her back to West Germany, to a group of radical terrorist fanatics – and to a deadly question: What was Operation Wahasha? With Faust closing in, Nowak must find the answers before many more lives are taken – including her own.