Cross Down (John Sampson Series, Paperback, 464 pg) James Patterson, Brendan DuBois

A thrilling spin-off to the bestselling Alex Cross series.  Read more below.

James Patterson, Brendan DuBois


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With the country in chaos and corruption on all sides, there’s only one person to turn to.

When a series of military-style attacks erupt across the United States, Detective John Sampson is called in to investigate. The attacks are untraceable, with patterns too random to decipher, leaving Sampson struggling to find a link amongst the carnage.

As Sampson discovers a lead through an ex-military contact, his partner Alex Cross is brutally side-lined, leaving him certain about one thing: he can trust no one.

With soldiers called on secret assignments and others mysteriously disappearing, Sampson must revisit his military past if he’s to save his country’s future.