One White Lie (Paperback, 368 pg) (Pre-order mid-August)

It’s only one small lie, until someone turns up dead

Leah Konen


Available on back-order


Lucy King arrives in the small town of Woodstock, battered and bruised, hoping desperately that this time she has finally escaped her abusive partner Davis for good. She soon befriends her next-door neighbours, Vera and John. They’re a model couple – or so it seems.

Gradually Lucy realises that all is not as it seems. That Vera and John have enemies. That they might be in danger. Which is why, when Davis gets wind of where she’s hiding, and Vera and John come to her with a truly audacious plan to escape their problems by staging John’s death in a cliff-top hiking accident, Lucy finds herself agreeing to say she too saw him go over the edge.

It’s only the next day, when his body is found, that she realises how much trouble she might be in…