Hold My Girl (Paperback) Charlene Carr

This is a story about what it means to be a mother, and the lengths we go to for the people we love.  Read more below.

Charlene Carr


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Thoughtful, tense and affecting’ Ashley Audrain

‘[A] tense, emotional story about racial identity, loss and betrayal’ Daily Mail

‘Fiction books to watch in 2023’

This tense and emotional novel follows the fallout after two women’s eggs are switched during IVF.


Katherine has everything under control.
After years of struggling to conceive with her partner, Patrick, she finally gives birth to Rose, her IVF miracle child. But she’s afraid that Rose may not be her daughter, her pale skin not matching Katherine’s own.

Tess never got her happy ending.
Just like Katherine, she was also a hopeful IVF mother, but her daughter, Hanna, was stillborn. Now divorced, broke and stuck in a dead-end job, she’s beginning to lose all hope.

But when Rose is ten months old, both women get a call from the fertility clinic. There was a mistake: their eggs were switched.

It will take a custody battle like no other to decide who will get to be Rose’s mother – a battle that will push them both to the brink…

This is a story about what it means to be a mother, and the lengths we go to for the people we love.


The author: Charlene Carr spent much of her childhood creating elaborate, multi-faceted storylines for her dolls and reading under the blankets with a flashlight when she was supposed to be asleep. A bit of a nomad, she’s lived in four countries and seven Canadian provinces. After working an array of mostly writing related jobs, she decided the time had come to focus exclusively on her true love – novel writing. She lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and daughter. Hold My Girl is her tenth novel, and she recently received a Canada Council for the Arts grant to revise her next novel.