Right After the Weather (Hardcover, 288 pg)

From The New York Times bestselling author of Carry the One, a new novel exploring the consequences of a terrible crime.  A woman witnesses an act of shocking violence that makes her overturn her formerly comfortable (if unconventional) liberal life in Chicago, 2016. Read below for more …..

Carol Anshaw


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Fans of Celeste Ng (Little Fires Everywhere) will enjoy this book.

Cate is a stage designer in her early forties, embroiled in theatre projects and the lives of her unconventional Chicago friends and lovers, when her life is suddenly overturned. Walking into her best friend’s kitchen one day, she
witnesses an act of violence that forces her to do something she would never have thought she could do. The bubble of her safe, bohemian world is shattered.
Right After The Weather explores what happens when two worlds collide, and a group of friends are confronted with their worst fears. This is a beautifully observed and compassionate novel about love, trauma and the reverberations of our actions.