The Hidden Star (English edition, Paperback, 232 pg) K. Sello Duiker

This is a book of questions and answers. But you already know what you want to ask, which is why you are reading. In fact, the truth is that you already know the answer to your question – you just have to listen to yourself. Eleven-year-old Nolitye’s granny used to say: if you mess with a woman, you mess with a stone. When Nolitye finds a magical stone on the dusty streets of Phola, her granny’s words take on a new meaning. Along with her two friends – the somewhat pampered Bheki, and Four Eyes, a reformed member of the Spoilers gang led by Rotten Nellie – Nolitye puts the powers of the stone to good use: for the first time the threesome can stand up to the Spoilers; Nolitye can save the life of Rex, the leader of a pack of talking township mutts; and dare to look scary MaMtonga with her living brown-and-green snake necklace in the eye. But soon Nolitye finds out that the purplish-blue magic stone is but five stones needed to put right things that started to go wrong the day her father died in a mining accident when she was five years old. Or so she was told by her mother … By merging a cast of characters straight out of African myth folklore with everyday township life, K. Sello Duiker created a magical world and a truly wondrous quest, a timeless tale that will appeal to an ageless audience. Read more below.

K. Sello Duiker


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Eleven-year-old Nolitye lives in Phola, on the outskirts of Johannesburg, where children have been mysteriously disappearing. Her best friends are Bheki – overweight and timid – and bespectacled Four Eyes, who leaves the Spoilers, a gang under the leadership of Rotten Nellie. At first, the story centres on the threesome’s efforts to survive victimisation at the hands of Four Eyes’ former gang. But when Nolitye picks up a magic stone, the intrigue shifts to a magical realm that co-exists with ours. It soon becomes clear that Nolitye, who has always taken comfort in her granny’s words, “you mess with a woman, you mess with a rock”, is the new seeker for the five pieces of the magic stone which, when restored, will heal communities and bring them together again. In a dream, Nolitye learns that her father, once a healer and believed to have died in a mining accident, is being held captive in the underworld and that the woman whom she believes to be her mother is really a witch in the service of Ncitjana, the Evil One. Nolitye then embarks on a quest to find the missing pieces of the stone and to rescue her parents.