Next Time…Forever & Secret Christmas Twins – A 2-In-1 Collection (Paperback, Original ed.) – stock due beg Nov

Sherryl Woods, Lee Tobin McClain


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BESTSELLING AUTHOR COLLECTION Reader-favorite romances in collectible volumes from our bestselling authors. REUNITED AT LAST Recently divorced and ready to move on, Catherine Devlin didn’t expect to find love in a small restaurant in Savannah. Dillon Westin, a sexy businessman, charms her instantly. But Dillon is only passing through town, and since she’s still nursing her heartbreak, Catherine needs to take their budding romance slow. They have busy lives and live in different cities–so they part ways with a soul-shattering kiss…and a promise to meet again in one year. They keep their promise–but their differences threaten to tear them apart. As the holidays approach, Catherine can’t help but miss Dillon, so she follows him to New York City. But will the magic of Christmas make everything all right? Catherine can’t help but wonder if “next time” will ever mean “forever.” FREE BONUS STORY INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! Secret Christmas Twins by Lee Tobin McClain Christmas came early for Erica Lindholm! Suddenly the adoptive mom of adorable twin baby boys, Erica is living her dream. Until the boys’ estranged uncle, Jason Stephanidis, comes home to celebrate the holidays. Will Erica’s secret cost her everything?