BY REQUEST 3-IN-1: Will He Ask Her to be His Bride? (Paperback, 544 pg)

The Millionaire’s Convenient Bride / The Millionaire’s Proposal / Texas Ranger Takes a Bride

Catherine George, Trish Wylie, Patricia Thayer


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The Millionaire’s Convenient Bride Connah needs a nanny for his young daughter. Hester is practical, professional and very pretty – perfect for the job. But when the gorgeous millionaire proposes expanding their business arrangement to include marriage, Hester must either leave the man she loves or resign herself to being merely a convenient wife…

The Millionaire’s Proposal Jet-setting playboy Ronan O’Keefe has everything money can buy. He’d give it all up in an instant to keep the one thing he’s losing – his sight. Meanwhile, alone in New York, Kerry Doyle isn’t feeling quite so brave about her trip around the world. Luckily, the millionaire comes to her rescue and, by the time they get to Paris, he doesn’t want to let her go!

Texas Ranger Takes a Bride Mallory was heartbroken when Chase left. She knew his duty was to save those in need, but he didn’t ever realise that Mallory needed him most. Now she can only watch as her boy bonds with the man who once stole her heart. Can Chase convince Mallory that he’s back to claim his bride as well as his son?