2020: The Year That Killed Retirement

Founder of the Platinum Tribe, Personal Transformation practitioner Michael Hook and 9 extraordinary South Africans reflect on the year of Covid 19, and share their hopes, fears and experiences during this period. Michael Hook looks at the impact of the Pandemic with a dream of retirement in mind, and concludes that the game has changed for over-fifties. His guests have their own takes on how the world as we knew it has dissolved, and a new future awaits those who take the lessons the virus has presented.
A very enlightening and inspirational book born from this most unusual time on our planet and in our society.
Michael Hook and Guest Contributors

Michael Hook


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A heart-warming and very personal account of our South African experiences during Lockdown by the author and 9 Guest Columnists. This lovely and timely book will be of great interest especially to those of us facing retrenchment, layoffs and early retirement. By promoting the idea of a Platinum Tribe of alert, aware and innovative people entering perhaps the best and most productive phase of our lives, the overriding call of this book is to Embrace Ageing and dictate to whatever extent possible our path in the Post Covid future.