Blood has a Voice – Stories From The Autopsy Table (September 2023, Paperback, 224 pg) Hestelle van Staden

Forensic pathologists, Dr Hestelle van Staden, has conducted over 7000 autopsies. Numerous victims of our high murder rate end up under her prying eyes. It gives a rare glimpse into the world of one of the unsung professions in our justice system.  Read more below.

Hestelle van Staden


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Foreword by topselling author, Gerard Labuschagne.

A criminal’s fate is often sealed by what is found on the autopsy table and Dr Hestelle van Staden has been crucial in the conviction of numerous criminals. As one of South Africa’s leading forensic pathologists, she has conducted over 7 000 autopsies. She has seen the worst South Africa has to offer and has been a voice to numerous murder victims.

In Blood Has a Voice, she walks us through nine of her most compelling cases, cases that stand out from among the many autopsies she has conducted. There is the tragic story of baby Letitia Meyer, whose mother alleged she fell from her pram; the unexplained death of a young mother during labour; and the case of the musician Lucky Dube, who was shot and killed . . .

Blood Has a Voice gives a rare glimpse into the investigation of death and the quiet heroism behind the unsung work of forensic pathologists.