SAPPI Tree Spotting: Bushveld Including Pilanesberg & Magaliesberg (July 2023, Paperback) Rina Grant, Val Thomas

The Sappi Tree Spotting series is a breakthrough in botanical literature. This revised edition with updated tree names allows for easy and enjoyable identification, offering readers beautiful illustrations and photographs making for truly enlightening reading. This guide, through clear terminology, helps the tree spotter to build their knowledge of trees. Additionally, grids showing seasonal changes, animal and human uses for each tree, gardening tips and beautifully detailed maps add to the richness of the tree spotting experience. South Africa has a treasure of magnificent, indigenous trees to be found in the diverse and spectacular natural habitats of our country. If you love trees, but have found it difficult to find and name them, this book is all you need to enhance and develop your adventure with them. Read more below.

Rina Grant, Val Thomas


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Sappi Tree Spotting Bushveld is showcases a new and easy method for tree identification, written for the newcomer to the area, as well as the experienced tree enthusiast. It won’t take long before you are able to recognise most trees you see in the bushveld.

This book is based on three innovative concepts:

• It keeps the terminology simple. The average recreational tree spotter will never use the word ‘pubescent’ when hairy will do!
• Most trees are easy to find, as long as you look for the right trees in the right places.
• Some trees can be identified easily because of their ‘Striking Features’. These trees do not need a complex system of ‘keying’, because they are instantly recognisable.

Innovative and accurate maps provide precise location information for trees, while colour-coding lists the likely trees you will encounter in each area.

Sappi Tree Spotting Bushveld has been created as a series, with other books in the series being on the Lowveld, Highveld and the Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape.

The publication of the books was made possible with the support of Sappi.