The 21-Day Immunity Plan – How To Rapidly Improve Your Metabolic Health And Resilience To Infection (Paperback, 112 pg)

A simple, clear, scientifically proven plan to boost metabolic health and help our immunity to the virus Covid-19 by one of the world’s most influential cardiologists. See below for more ….

Aseem Malhotra

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Dr Aseem Malhotra, a leading NHS cardiologist, has led the way in citing obesity, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease as frequent factors in those hospitalised with coronavirus. He shows how they result from poor metabolic health, including an over-dependence on ultra-processed foods, which seriously affects our immune response.

In this life-changing 21 Day Plan he brings us the good news that we can reverse our health and rapidly improve our resilience to infection and disease through just a few simple lifestyle changes – to our diet, how we exercise and sleep, and reduce stress.