The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook – Over 100 Easy, Energy-Efficient Recipes For Every Meal (Paperback, 224 pg) Dk

Bringing together the very best triple-tested air fryer recipes, this book offers all the inspiration you need to make the most and more of this versatile kitchen appliance.  Read more below.



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The air fryer has taken household kitchens across the world by storm. This handy kitchen appliance makes cooking our favourite foods quicker, easier, cheaper and even healthier. From healthier versions of fried favourites to whole roast dinners, impressive vegetarian mains, crunchy snacks and baked treats, the air fryer will make your time in the kitchen a stress-free and mess-free experience. Now a popular trend on TikTok and social media, air fryer recipes continue to go viral – from cheesecakes to cheese toasties, corn on the cob to the quickest pakoras. Despite its name, the air fryer does not “fry” things; it bakes them, and it bakes them fast – the results are not only delicious but economical and energy-efficient.

In this comprehensive cookbook, discover over 100 triple-tested recipes for light bites such as Leek and bacon frittatas to Sriracha Vegetable Tempura, to more substantial meals such as Fish Tacos, Herby Lamb Koftas, Bourbon Chicken Wings and Pepperoni Calzones – with this book you’ll have all the inspiration you need to make the most and more of your air fryer.