There’s a Vegan on my Verandah (Softcover) Louis Jansen van Vuuren, Isabella Niehaus

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.. For one, the vegan food journey began seven years ago; for the other it was a novelty. But their vegan recipe book was a joint journey. With this, they want to show how creative and nutritious you can cook from a simple kitchen garden. Read more below. Also available in Afrikaans – click here.

Louis Jansen van Vuuren, Isabella Niehaus


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There’s a vegan on my verandah is a book to be treasured. Louis Jansen van Vuuren and Bella Niehaus weave together a rich tapestry of tales with recipes from the organic plant world. The fresh ingredients are mainly from the forest-and-kitchen garden at Le Rembucher, where Louis and I live in the French countryside. Prepare yourself for delicious, easy-to-make dishes, illustrated by photographer Yvette Jordaan in such a way that it will most certainly make your mouth water.
Bella’s Langtafel lunches at her Duinhuis on the West Coast are just as famous as the imaginative vegan meals that Louis serves at Café Vincent and Château la Cruezette. Both Bella and Louis are creative personalities who manage to always astonish their guests with innovative taste and flavour combinations. This book inspires all to dabble in natures own garden of Eden. And all agree : If we can eat like this, every day, it would be only a pleasure to explore a plant-based diet. To receive the abundance and variety offered to all of us by mother nature.
There’s a vegan on my verandah will hopefully inspire readers to eat ‘differently: at least once a week and, in doing so, make a meaningful contribution to slow down the deterioration of our planet. This impressively constructed book should be in all food lover’s kitchens.