The Encyclopedia of Woodworking Techniques – A Unique Visual Directory of Woodworking Techniques, with Guidance on How to Use Them (Paperback, 176 pg) Jeremy Broun

A new, up-to-date edition published in 2018 of the popular and comprehensive encyclopedia by award-winning furniture designer, Jeremy Broun. This unique visual encyclopedia of woodworking techniques is the essential benchtop reference for all woodworkers.  Read more below.

Jeremy Broun


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Divided into two parts, the first section introduces you to the tools, timbers and techniques that are used in basic woodworking. These are fully demonstrated and described through helpful step-by-step photographs and text, from drawing and marking out; through chiselling, drilling and routing; joint making, bending, shaping and turning; to abrading, scraping and finishing. Power-tool, machine-tool and hand-tool variations are fully detailed, providing you with that much-needed flexibility in your own workshop. Finally, a theme section provides a gallery of finished examples by leading designers of cabinets, chests, chairs, benches, tables, desks and decorative woodwork, demonstrating the principles of design and construction and inspiring both novice woodworkers as well as the more experienced craftsperson to design and create their own items from wood.