Seeing Beyond the Shadows (Paperback)

William Clark


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“Seeing Beyond the Shadows” is a captivating novel; a clever approach to a serious topic.”……Ricky Dockery One word describes books by William Clark: exceptional. His original style takes the reader on an unforgettable journey. –M. Porter Is there hope for the great division in America today? Only God knows. The time period of “Seeing Beyond the Shadows” is from 1948 to 1962. It’s an appealing look at the culture; yet stimulating to see problems in 1962 with a southern border crisis, increasing terrorism and subversion within the government. Andy McGraig, a down to earth kid from the Midwest, has a great intellect and becomes one of the best collegiate athletes in the NCAA. Most importantly, Andy has unique, God-given talents. Imagine being able to discern, if someone is telling the truth. As a believer in traditional American values, Andy would like to help his country and government with an invasion and seditious activities of the New Age Socialist Party.