After The Party – a personal and political journey inside the ANC (Paperback, 287 pg) Andrew Feinstein (clearance stock, excellent condition)

Please be aware this is clearance stock. Book is in excellent condition, but does show signs of warehouse fatigue with yellowing pages.

“Within the culture of the ANC it is implicitly accepted that one does not talk publicly about what happens inside the organisation. Especially if what happens is controversial or at odds with the party line”. Read more below.

Andrew Feinstein


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Andrew Feinstein became an active – and ardent – member of the ANC in the 1980s, and campaigned energetically for the party in the first democratic elections. He was elected to parliament and rose swiftly through the ranks, earning the label ‘Mr Clean’ for his unstinting work against graft and corruption. But his feelings of euphoria at being part of the new South Africa slowly soured. Initially disappointed by the constant jockeying for power and the denialist AIDS policy of President Thabo Mbeki, Feinstein’s disillusionment grew as he sought unsuccessfully to investigate the corruption surrounding the Arms Deal. Isolated from his former comrades, Feinstein was forced to choose between his principles and the party he had so admired.