BY REQUEST 3-IN-1: The Coltons: Fisher, Ryder & Quinn (Paperback, 640 pg)

Soldier’s Secret Child  / Baby’s Watch  / a Hero of Her Own

Caridad Pineiro, Justine Davis, Carla Cassidy

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SOLDIER’S SECRET CHILD At eighteen, Macy Ward had turned to Fisher Yates for a night of comfort before he left for the military. Now he’s back in town and unaware that Macy’s troubled son is the result of that unforgettable night – until the boy mysteriously disappears…

BABY’S WATCH Bad boy turned undercover agent Ryder had come home to Texas to bust a baby-smuggling ring – not deliver a baby! But he couldn’t turn his back on helpless pregnant beauty Ana Morales. Especially when her only safe haven is in his arms.

A HERO OF HER OWN Quinn Logan knew that something terrible haunted beautiful psychologist Jewel Mayfair. Now he wanted to help her move on, beginning with a sensual seduction. Yet can Jewel trust Quinn enough to accept the passion he has to offer?