BY REQUEST 3-IN-1: The Million-Dollar Catch (Paperback, 528 pg)

The Substitute Millionaire / The Unexpected Millionaire / The Ultimate Millionaire

Susan Mallery

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The Substitute Millionaire Successful businessman Ryan agreed to masquerade as his wealthy cousin for a blind date. From the moment he saw Julie, he was captivated. But when Ryan confessed his true identity, claiming the passion between them was real, Julie wasn’t buying it. She considered him the enemy. What was she to do if she was having the enemy’s baby?

The Unexpected Millionaire Millionaire Kane’s first mistake was carrying an injured Willow inside his off-limits home. His second mistake was surrendering to passion after warning Willow to run away. Because a woman like her deserved better than a one-night stand. She believed in soul mates. He needed no one. And not even Willow was going to change him!

The Ultimate Millionaire Todd Aston III’s playboy reputation preceded him. But Marina had promised to work with him to plan her sister’s wedding. Soon she discovered that she wanted him – and he wanted her. But he didn’t trust marriage-minded women. Which made her grandmother’s offer of a million dollars to whichever sister married him a huge problem!