M&B 2023: Pleasure Payback – The Mortimers: Wealthy & Wicked (2-in-1 omnibus, Dare range, Paperback) Zara Cox, Faye Avalon

Pleasure Payback – Revenge is sweet… Rescue Me – Her sexy weakness… Read more below.

Zara Cox, Faye Avalon


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Pleasure Payback – Revenge is sweet…

Rescue Me – Her sexy weakness…

Pleasure Payback: Damian Mortimer blew my mind in the bedroom-then nearly destroyed my business. Now, two years later, I will play him, and this time I’ll end up on top. Except what Damian does to my body might be far more exciting than the thrill of revenge!

Rescue Me: Maddie Mallory has never forgotten her sizzling week with stone-cold businessman Gabe Harrington-or what it cost her. Now Gabe is ‘rescuing’ Maddie before she marries the wrong man. All Maddie wants is one last lust-fuelled week with Gabe…if she can resist falling for him again.