M&B 2023: Seducing His Secret Wife / Twice The Temptation: Seducing His Secret Wife (2-in-1 omnibus, Desire range, Paperback) Robin Covington / Silver James

Seducing His Secret Wife – Under the blinding Vegas lights…Seduction was inevitable. Twice the Temptation  – ’You need to get over your hero complex. I don’t need rescuing.’ Read more below.

Robin Covington / Silver James


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Seducing His Secret Wife by Robin Covington – Under the blinding Vegas lights…Seduction was inevitable.

To convince his family and corporate investors his notorious playboy days are behind him, billionaire Justin Ling asks his best friend’s little sister, Sarina Redhawk, to play his loving bride…for a time. But their explosive chemistry feels too real to be fake…and becomes way too important for him to just give up…

Twice the Temptation by Silver James – ’You need to get over your hero complex. I don’t need rescuing.’

Fiercely independent storm chaser Brittany Owens has been avoiding Cooper Tate. But fate keeps throwing them together…in mind-blowing sexual encounters! Now another woman accuses the tantalising tycoon of getting her pregnant. Should Britt tell Coop she’s carrying his twins…and accept his adamant marriage proposals.