M&B 2023: The Price of a Dangerous Passion / Promoted to His Princess (2-in-1 omnibus, Modern range, Paperback) Jane Porter, / Jackie Ashenden

The Price of a Dangerous Passion –  When business and pleasure collide…  Promoted to His Princess – His for now, or for ever?  Read more below.

Jane Porter, / Jackie Ashenden


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When business and pleasure collide…

Charlotte has already broken her biggest rule by giving in to temptation with former client Brando. But a marriage of duty for their baby’s sake…? No, thank you! Unless Brando can break his own number-one rule: keeping his heart off-limits.

His for now, or for ever?

Calista is an elite soldier, trained to win any battle. But what happens when the fight is within? Resisting the charismatic Prince she’s protecting is getting harder by the minute. When his shirt comes off, so do her inhibitions…