Playtown : Emergency

Inside each of these three detailed, illustrated board books there is so much for children to discover, learn and explore when it comes to hospitals, farm life and construction.
At the back of each book there are two gatefold pages to open up, showing Playtown’s hospital, a bustling farmyard scene or building scenes, respectively.


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# Playtown emergency services are always busy, working hard to keep the people of Playtown safe!

# Inside this highly detailed, illustrated board book, children will be fascinated to discover more about Playtown’s doctors, firefighters, police and rescue crews, as well as the places
they work, vehicles they drive and equipment they use to do their jobs.

# Each busy page has flaps to lift which give children more detail and information about the picture above.

# At the back of the book are two gatefold pages to open up, showing what goes on inside Playtown’s bustling hospital.