About Us

Book Hub – we’ve got your book

Book Hub is a local, independent on-line book store based in Parktown, Johannesburg, which is passionate about books and encourages reading for both pleasure and education. We especially like to support our local authors and in all languages.

We are a forward-thinking company which engages with our customers through a number of channels. Should you choose to subscribe to our newsletters, you will receive curated book offers which are not advertised on our website.  If you can’t find a book or are looking for suggestions, just drop us an email or a message and we will gladly assist you.

We focus on under-served markets outside of the main metropolitan areas. Through the use of digital marketing and integrated logistics, we aim to provide a wide selection of books that would otherwise be difficult for our customers to obtain.

In order to help our customers find books of interest to them from the millions of books available world wide we carefully curate book selections tailor-made to meet the needs of the wide variety of our customers in all parts of South Africa.

We provide a broad and diverse range of books and to make them available to the widest possible base with a personal flavor. We try to do this as economically and as quickly as is feasible  for you, the customer.

We urge you to please support local business and local books, and to encourage everyone to keep reading!