Payment options

After placing an order on bookhubpress.com, you will be presented with the option of choosing to pay for it by credit card or by direct deposit.

If you don’t pay for your order within two business days of placing it, it will automatically expire. Please contact us on bookhub@mediahub.biz to request an extension on this payment window period.

Payment by debit / credit card

After you have clicked on Pay by credit card, fill in your credit card details into the online form and submit the form. If your credit card is 3D Secure compliant, you will be redirected to your bank’s website. Your bank should send you a one-time pin, which you need to enter onto the website to authenticate the transaction.

Pay by direct deposit or EFT

Take down our bank details provided after the order is placed. The bank details are very clearly indicated on your emailed order confirmation.

You need to use your order number as the reference on your deposit/transfer.

Please be very vigilant with the correct bank account details, we can not take any responsibility for refunds as a result of incorrect account number errors.

On an ABSA deposit slip, fill in your order number on the form where it asks for “Dep. reference”.

For internet banking, the place to insert your order number is usually marked “Beneficiary’s reference”.

We will only process your order once the payment has reflected on our bank account.

It can take up to three days for us to receive and process your direct deposit/transfer.

Cheque payments are subject to a 7 day clearance period and we will only process your order after the cheque has cleared.

We will send you an automated email at the time we assign your payment to your order.

As long as you have ensured that the order number was used as the reference, then there is no need to send us the proof of payment.

What is 3D Secure

3D Secure is an improved authentication system for making online credit card payments and has been implemented to increase security and decrease fraudulent use of cards.

Once you are signed up for 3D Secure, any new payments you make online with your credit card should automatically redirect you to your bank’s 3D Secure system for authentication. Your bank will then SMS a one-time pin to your cell phone. You will need to enter this pin on the website to authenticate the transaction.

Only you and your bank have access to the one-time pin.

Visa call their 3D Secure system Verified-by-Visa. MasterCard call their system SecureCode.

How to sign up for 3D Secure

Contact your bank to enrol:

Absa – https://acsabsa.bankserv.co.za/Activation

First National Bank – Log on to FNB Online Banking

Nedbank – https://acsnedcor.bankserv.co.za/Activation

Standard Bank – https://acssb.bankserv.co.za/Activation?fiID=3

If your bank is not listed above, please contact your bank for more information. Not all credit card issuers currently support 3D Secure (for example American Express and Diner’s Club).

If you’re not enrolled in 3D Secure

If your bank is 3D Secure compliant, you do need to enrol with 3D Secure in order to make payments online with your credit / debit card. If your issuing bank is not 3D Secure compliant, or you choose not to enrol, we do accept payments by EFT or deposit into our account.

Delivery information

Please refer separate page on delivery options and rates


Reason for return Needs to be reported within: Do I need to pay for collection?

Reason for returnNeeds to be reported within:Do I need to pay for collection?
Unwanted/bought the wrong item21 days of receiptYes
Received physically damaged7 days of receiptNo
Incorrect info/ Incorrect item7 days of receiptNo
Sub standard quality21 days of receiptCase by case basis
Not what I expected21 days of receiptYes

Returns Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please feel free to return any item to us within 21 calendar days of receipt. This policy does not refer to items that you may have received damaged, faulty or incorrect.

Kindly note the following:

The actual product needs to be received at BookHub in mint condition

The item needs to be received by us within 3 weeks (21 calendar days)

If the product’s outer packaging is unsealed, we may charge you a 15% handling fee.

Please include your order number or dispatch note inside the returned parcel

Please ensure that you package the item securely to protect it against getting damaged in transit (on its way back to us). BookHub cannot accept responsibility for damage occurring before it is delivered to BookHub Johannesburg office, or collected by us at the post office, even if this damage was caused by a third party. We would strongly advise against using a only a bubble-envelope – rather use a combination of bubble-wrap, cardboard, layers of paper, etc.

At the time we receive the return we shall automatically credit the amount to your customer account and will send you an email to let you know we’ve processed your return. To use this credit, after you have clicked on [Proceed to Payment], on the next page click on the checkbox to “Use the R… credit balance on account”.

Vouchers / coupons

We may from time to time issue you a promotional campaign coupon / voucher which you can use off your next order. You cannot use this voucher against an order for product on sale