Good Reasons to Join Book Club

Hundreds of people have told us that they are interested in joining a local social book club.

This is not surprising as there are many great things about book clubs. Firstly, you get to read more books, you also get to read better books and thirdly, you get to meet awesome people.

You get to read more books is because book club members exchange books amongst themselves so everyone reads more! Book clubs’ members recommend good reads to each other so they are more likely to discover new authors that they will enjoy. We all know that book lovers are great people. Because they read more, they are generally more knowledgeable and interesting. So if you are interested in meeting some interesting like-minded people, the first place to look is a book club near you.

There are many types of book clubs. 

Some are quite scholarly where books are critiqued and their literary merits are discussed in-depth, but most are a lot less formal.Many book clubs are more social; a great reason for friends to meet once a month, exchange books and catch up over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

What is most important is that the members have similar reading interests. It is perhaps true that most book clubs have a keen interest in the fiction genres, but others are also interested in non-fiction titles. Biographies and current affairs are examples of some popular non-fiction book club genres. A few book clubs focus on a specific narrow interests such as business books or current affairs. 

That all sounds great but how do you join a book club? There are many book clubs around, but they generally only invite those that they already know to join. It is all about word of mouth.

If you are a member of a book club that is looking for new members you can send us details of your book club and we will help you get the word out. Let us know when and where you meet and what type of books your book club enjoys. If you would like to join a book club in your area you can send us an e-mail telling us where you live and what types of books you are interested in reading. We will try to find people near to you that have similar interests.

If you can’t find a book club in your area that suits you, you can always start a book club.

Your book club can be as simple as a group of friends that meet regularly to discuss the books that they have read and those that they would recommend. This can start with just 3 or 4 people. The group will grow as each member invites their other friends to join.

Part of BookHub’s mission will be to help book clubs around the country to flourish and grow. Book clubs can register with us and we will send you monthly book recommendations based on your prefered genres.

BookHub will also be offering an additional 5% discount when you buy a book.

If you are interested in finding out more about our book club support program, send an email giving us details of your book club and we will get you going.

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