BY REQUEST 3-IN-1: The Australian’s Proposal (Paperback, 560 pg)

The Doctor’s Marriage Wish / The Playboy Doctor’s Proposal / The Nurse He’s Been Waiting for

Meredith Webber, Alison Roberts

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THE DOCTOR’S MARRIAGE WISH Hamish McGregor is about to leave the country…until the woman of his dreams walks in. Kate Winship isn’t ready to trust again – but Hamish has three weeks to persuade her to love him for a lifetime!

THE PLAYBOY DOCTOR’S PROPOSAL Dr Ryan Fisher’s charm wins over everyone…except Dr Hannah Jackson! But when an emergency forces them to work together, he’s determined to tempt her to let her guard down – professionally and personally!

THE NURSE HE’S BEEN WAITING FOR Grace O’Riordan has always been in love with Harry Blake, yet she keeps her distance…until a cyclone hits. Suddenly, Harry and Grace are forced together, arousing emotions they never believed they’d feel…)